Welcome to Trolden Brewery & Distillery

– Where craftsmanship lives on!

Trolden is a Danish microbrewery where things are still done the good old-fashioned way, right in the heart of Kolding. Here, we take craftsmanship seriously; we put both effort and honour into making the very best products. Trolden makes unfiltered speciality brews fermented in the bottle, The Nimbus Single Malt Whisky, The Clumsy Bear Vodka, Danish Golden Rum, and Copperpot Gin.

The distillery is integrated with the brewery – here we produce single malt whisky by the same principles as our unique speciality brews: Only the best is good enough. We guarantee the finest raw spirits for maturation in oak casks of the highest quality, producing a seductively round taste and an almost oily mouth-feel. We strive to use only Danish barley malt in our whisky, to ensure an authentic Nordic taste.

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For the curious and the connoisseurs, we can also arrange tours and tastings in the brewery. We offer a truly eventful experience as you are shown around the microbrewery, or maybe an all-inclusive event for companies and private parties.

Call it nostalgia, but when we roll up our sleeves to brew a new batch it’s always with the same purpose: Handcrafted just tastes better.