Handmade beer

Fru Svendsen (‘Mrs Svendsen’) is a true session beer, freshly seductive on the palate at a low 3,9% ABV. A hint of elderflower does little to reduce its charm. Irresistable.

Hr. Svendsen (‘Mr Svendsen’) is a hybrid ale, a modern take on the classic brown ale and the contemporary american amber ale. Reddish brown in colour it is our most popular type.

Wheat Beer in the style of Belgian Wit. This refreshing charmer is made with hand-cut lemon peel added late in the boil for a zesty taste that goes especially well with fish.

A typical pale ale bearing the name of the town – The ‘Golden’ is an all-rounder if ever there was one. Perfect for any occasion or dish.

The darker side of Kolding has all the trademarks reminiscent of the classical stout, but in a much lighter package showing elegant traces of coffee, chocolate and toasted bread without any of the heaviness.

Inspired by Belgian abbey ales this superb Tripel is brewed using biscuit malt, coriander, orange zest and candy sugars. Excellent with cheese. Great at any occasion, stupendous after 5 years or more.

Trolden’s IPA has all the tell-tale signs of an India Pale Ale; bitterness and aroma to boot, but without going overboard. Traditional Britain, brewed in Denmark.

As the name implies this is a special version of our traditional Steamtrain Stout, brewed with lots of roasted barley malt and packing quite a punch on the palate. Limited Edition made once a year only.

Trolden’s modest tribute to the finest from ‘The North’ is one of the more complex experiences. Brewed using crystal malt, chocolate malt og roast barley. Plenty of English and American hops in there as well to keep the tastebuds interested.

Almost the colour of an old steamtrain, this fine stout exhibits all the wonderful roasty chocolatey nuances you could possibly imagine while keeping an underlying current of coffee notes and sweet raisins going.

Take our popular Steamtrain Stout, add a generous helping of liquorice, and you have ‘Old Steamtrain’. Containing all the positives of the former, this stout is a liquorice fan’s favourite while maintaing the quintessence of what makes a stout.

Our seasonal ales include such treats as our famed Christmas ale, ‘Kolding Jul’, pictured here, (a.k.a. ‘Juletrolden’, The Christmas Troll, if you find yourself outside Kolding). Other finds worth scouting for are our Easter Beer, ‘Kolding Påske’ (an intriguing mix of Belgian speciality malts in hoppy surroundings), the aptly named ‘Coffee Stout’, and many other great ales for you to discover.

About the Brewery


Trolden Brewery derives its name from the now defunct Troldhede-Kolding Railroad which transported mainly brown coals to Kolding from across Jutland until its 1968 closure. Today, it remains only a warm and nostalgic memory.


At Trolden Brewery craftmanship takes a pivotal role. In stark contrast to other, more modern breweries, we still take pride in producing the finest ales imaginable – without the use of computers and futuristic gadgetry. For example, we do not filter our ales for the purpose of visual clarity, we leave everything in the bottle for maximum taste.

Trolden Ales are produced locally by real people. Everything from brewing to fermenting to bottling is made in-house. All our ales are bottle-fermented in accordance with Methode Champenoise to ensure a bubbly mouthfeel along with an unsurpassed lastability. 6-8 year old vintage Trolden bottles are a rare treat – if you can find them.