– The ultimate whisky or rum experience awaits you.

Trolden Distillery operates on the same principles as Trolden Brewery: Only the best will do.

Since 2011, Trolden Distillery has made the finest spirit for maturation in casks of the highest quality. We use hand-beaten copper pot-stills with a capacity of a mere 350 litres (or 98 US Gallons / 65 Imperial). Less than a fifth of, say, Scotland’s smallest distillery. The resulting spirit is well rounded and almost oily in character.

700 litres of wash is distilled to approx. 60 litres of new-make at 63% alc. which then matures for several years in American oak casks. All our casks are first-fill Bourbon capable of producing a whisky of the highest order. Our stock includes 8, 50, 125, 190 and 225 litre casks. A large portion of these are re-build to Trolden’s specifications at Speyside Cooperage, Scotland.

At Trolden Distillery we aim to use only Danish Barley to ensure an authentic Nordic taste to our whiskies. The first, historic release called NIMBUS was bottled in November 2014.

Take your whisky experience to the edge. Why not invest in your very own private whisky? We prepare 8 or 50 litres of new-make at a full-strength 63% alc. for you to mature in our casks. Your name is written on the cask and included in the purchase is the right to visit your maturing spirit once every six months until it is by law legally whisky. After this period you may choose to bottle any number of bottles or leave it for further maturation.

(Special conditions apply. Please contact us for details.) 

1/8 af 64 litres:
2995,- kr*

8 litres, ex duty, incl. VAT, ex cask (to be returned to the Distillery when empty):

30 litres:

64 litres:

*The casks lies at the distillery free of charge. Supplement for peated malt 25, -kr per. liter of raw spirit. All prices incl. VAT.