Welcome to Trolden Brewery & Distillery

– Where craftsmanship lives on!

At Trolden [‘troll-en] things are still done the good old-fashioned way. By that we mean taking our craftsmanship seriously; beer, ale or spirit, the best efforts and a sense of honour goes into every bottle. Trolden Brewery & Distillery makes unfiltered craft brews, NIMBUS Single Malt Whisky, Copperpot Gin, The Stoker’s Rum and assorted spirits.

The distillery and brewery share the same roof and the same principles: Only the best is good enough. We strive to use only Danish barley malt in our ales and whiskys, to ensure the true Nordic taste.

Visit us! We offer a truly eventful experience as you are guided through the microbrewery and distillery, sampling several of our finest products along the way. Please click on ‘Visit Us’ above for more information.

Call it nostalgia and a love for how ‘things were done back then’, but when we roll up our sleeves to start the next batch of beer or whisky, the principle remains the same: Handcrafted just tastes better.

Forskellige trolden øl på række