Visit Trolden Brewery and Distillery. We offer you an eventful tour of the microbrewery and whisky distillery. Get up close to the production of real handmade specialty beers and ales whilst our guide walks you through brewing methods and beer types.

Beer tasting


Wine refines, beer unites, as W. Scott Griffith said, and at Trolden Brewery we agree. Here, the brewmaster himself stirs the mash and juggles the spicy notes and what-nots. At Trolden, we believe that handmade just tastes better. The old brewing methods and the joy of good taste are united in a frothy glass of ale at Trolden Bryghus.


Price for open beer tasting: DKK 130 per person

  • 1.5 hour beer tasting at Trolden Bryghus.
  • Guided tour of Trolden brewery and distillery.
  • Insight into the history behind the brewery, brewing technique and beer types.
  • Beer tasting.
  • Small tasting of our own spirits (whisky excluded).

Trolden Brewery also offers beer tasting for larger groups by appointment:
(The tasting includes a selection of our spirits)

Small Tour, min. 15 people at DKK 130 p.p.
ca. 1 h 30 m

Big Tour, min. 20 people at DKK 180 p.p.,
ca. 3 h

(The price varies according to how much beer you want to taste)

See upcoming dates for open beer tastings at and book a place. Participant price is DKK 149 p.p. or bring gift cards from Smartbox, Go Dream or If you have a gift card, this applies to the “Small Tour” + extra beer to take home, so the price fits.

Gin tasting


Gin is renowned for its complex taste. The many herbs used in making a premium gin swirl around the mouth, leaving a sharp and soft taste impression all at the same time. It is precisely the taste of the herbs, and the many mixing possibilities that gin offers that makes the drink immensely popular – both ‘on the rocks’ or with your favourite tonic. However you prefer to enjoy your gin, we promise you a new experience at the official tasting.


Price for open gin tasting: DKK 199 per person

  • 2 hours of gin tasting
  • Tour of the distillery
  • Tasting of 6 different gins
  • Tasting of 2 different tonics
  • Snacks

Trolden Distillery also offers gin tastings for groups by appointment, by registering at least 15 people.

See upcoming dates for our open gin tastings and book space.